May 7, 2017 Broadcast — Sage “The Wizard” Lee to the Rescue!

Make no mistake, Sage Lee is indeed a wizard! On Sunday night “Charting Your Course”  was confronted with multiple technical difficulties during our broadcast. During  first hour I was dropped out of the broadcast, several times. And during the second hour,  our pre-recorded interview with Sage Lee, Headmaster of the School for Wizards, could not be played due to a malfunctioning microphone.

Laura Lee Solomon, the co-host, who also handles the technical end of the broadcast, was  patient and persistent in keeping the show on the air, in spite of all the mishaps.   We both knew that if we kept focused on our goal that everything would be put in order. The universe responded by sending in the wizard!

Sage Lee had been entertaining friends, while listening to the broadcast. And when he realized that we were in trouble, he apologized to his guests and rushed to our rescue, calling me and offering to go live for the interview.

I couldn’t believe it. I could barely stop giggling with glee!  We went live with the wizard, discussing the “divine masculine” and The Emperor – Key 4. It was truly magical and we are grateful to have been blessed with the presence of a true wizard.

 Take a listen to our miracle broadcast, courtesy of Sage Lee. We give thanks!

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