Mystical Tarot

We are all pregnant with possibilities.  But how can we give birth to our deepest desires and future dreams.  Tarot is a tool that can help you in your pursuit of happiness, health and harmony in life.

What is Tarot? It is a deck of 78 cards with images that most people use to predict the future.  But this is only the tip of the iceberg for Tarot.  The true purpose of this tool is self-development.  With the right instruction, we can learn insights to  help us adjust to the changes in our environment and everyday lives.

Understanding the meaning of symbols and the power of imagery, we can immediately alter our moods, attitudes and ultimately our vibratory rate of being. This will assist us in becoming more spiritually pliable. The end result is that this study will  enable us to better adjust to constantly changing situations, environments and relationships.

The purpose of the “Mystical Approach to Tarot”  Workshop is to inspire, inform and support those spiritual seekers on The Path in their pursuit of truth and love. Through the vehicles of the written word, visual images, musical sound and positive energy the worksh op will provide a truly esoteric view of an ancient art that is an effective modern time tool.

As an Initiate the Builder’s of the Adytum (BOTA), I have studied tarot for more than 15 years, to uncover the secrets of self-empowerment, contained in the cards. Paul Foster Case, founder of B.O.T.A., called the cards “keys” and devoted his life to helping others discover how to unlock their hidden potential through the Tarot. Let me introduce you to a fascinating path of adventure to self-development and psychic growth.

Unfolding your Rose