Seven Secrets to the Alchemy of Self Mastery:

The 7 stages of alchemical transformatio””

For centuries, the mysterious number” 7 ” has captured the imagination of Mankind.  What is the significance of this number?

The number contains the secret of our inner transformation.

In this workshop we will explore questions Mankind has been investigating for centuries and learn to apply it to our lives now!

How can we tap into this ancient knowledge?

How can we apply this knowledge to our lives as humans on the planet Earth in the 21st century?

How does the number relate of the structure of the human body?

How does “7” relate to our lifespan on the planet Earth?

The Alchemy of Self Mastery

The significance of the number 7

The Soul Cycle

The Yearly Cycle

The Daily Cycle

The Hourly Cycle

The Mystical Process of Creation

Creative Visualization Techniques

How can we use “7” to navigate through the hours of our daily life?

This workshop will answer these questions and more!



Unfolding your Rose