Mystical Qabalah

The Tree of Life is an intriguing symbol of Ageless Wisdom that both baffles and intrigues the mystical aspirant seeking knowledge and wisdom. It has been studied for centuries by many brilliant minds seeking the secrets of the process of creation.

What if I told you I had a revelation about the creation of the universe, while trying to perfect a recipe for making blueberry muffins! Sounds crazy I know, but it’s true.

This complicated glyph called the Tree of Life.  Is a formula for creating anything!  I mean anything.  In my quest for reaching blueberry muffin  baking perfection, I unveiled the hidden process of creation. I stripped the Tree of Life of all its Hebrew names, numbers, magical references, pathways and invocations.  Simply focusing on the step-by-step process necessary for creating positive conditions and material necessities, I stumbled upon what the ancients have know for centuries.

Join me for a qabalah workshop and I’ll bake you blueberry muffins and show you how real this process is!  In the meanwhile, you can joining on Sunday nights from 10 to Midnight on “Charting Your Course” on Revolution Radio. During the two-hour broadcast I am discussing the process of creation and how the use of the symbolism of tarot can assist you in creating a magical manifestation in your life.

Here is the link to the Sunday, April 16,2017 show, focusing on the use of The Empress in creating peace in your life!

Link to Charting Your Course:–ZkDSZOYNuwO_TR1DkEfzSEyEM773qpLxsNf5lWB6o83wwVseqBlrehT7Cpo2zUc3ZsnVz-c&s=1

Unfolding your Rose