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Law of Attraction Technique: Creative Visualization

The book Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain is my “Law of Attraction” bible.  I have worked with this book off and on  for than 35 years, because it is written simply and concisely with easy to follow instructions. It has been translated into more than 30 languages and has sold more than six million copies.

Although many people have read “The Secret” they feel it does not give them practical application information, and so they seek more. It is an answer I wrote on for those in search of a “textbook” in terms of developing their creative visualization skills.

Although its easy to talk about using the law of attraction and creative visualization, the true test is whether or not you get results. This requires hours of practice, persistence and confidence that the law of attraction is a real law and that you can attune with that law to manifest your desires.

Here is one of my favorite manifestation stories from It was the first time, I consciously applied one of the techniques and got results within ten minutes!

I am constantly answering questions on asking me for examples to prove that the law of attractive is true. And no matter how many times I answer those questions, the inquirer will never know until they make the effort to explore and experiment with techniques, so that they can experience truth for themselves.

“Together We Grow”





The Kybalion: Universal Laws Unveiled for the Serious Soul Seeker

The Kybalion is a must read for any serious mystical seeker, for within its pages are the essential essence of the laws of the universe.  Whether you are discussing science, metaphysics, philosophy, qabalah or the baking of blueberry muffins, this tiny book will give you a beginning point for your journey into the unknown.

There are those who say that the mysteries of the universe are unknowable.  But I contend that serious seekers, can study, experiment, explore and prove for themselves if these laws truly exist and can be applied for life on earth.  This is the basis premise for Initiates of The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.  Famous minds like Sir Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Sir Francis Bacon and Leonardo da Vinci, studied these laws and uncovered secrets that assisted them in helping humanity evolve through a better understanding of the laws that govern the universe.

I’ve been contemplating a question on Quora that someone has requested that I answer.  And I keep coming back to The Kybalion, and trying to grasp the right words to convey the fact that Love is a Law. The entire Cosmos operates according to the Law of Love. Creation came into being because of the Law of Love.

So I still in stilliness, I  listen, then write, then read, then walk around, drink tea, listen to a Todd Rundgren song running through the river of my soul, while I wait for the spiritual signal. It is the moment when I know that my soul has helped me contacted the right realm of thought to be mated to my personal passion. This  will assist me in answering the question on Quora with the truest expression of my limited but sincere understanding.

There is a “Metaphysical Meeting” going on between my mind, my heart, my soul and  the laws.  And when the dance is done, I  will be “mated” to “the one who gives me motion and magic.”