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May 7, 2017 Broadcast — Sage “The Wizard” Lee to the Rescue!

Make no mistake, Sage Lee is indeed a wizard! On Sunday night “Charting Your Course”  was confronted with multiple technical difficulties during our broadcast. During  first hour I was dropped out of the broadcast, several times. And during the second hour,  our pre-recorded interview with Sage Lee, Headmaster of the School for Wizards, could not be played due to a malfunctioning microphone.

Laura Lee Solomon, the co-host, who also handles the technical end of the broadcast, was  patient and persistent in keeping the show on the air, in spite of all the mishaps.   We both knew that if we kept focused on our goal that everything would be put in order. The universe responded by sending in the wizard!

Sage Lee had been entertaining friends, while listening to the broadcast. And when he realized that we were in trouble, he apologized to his guests and rushed to our rescue, calling me and offering to go live for the interview.

I couldn’t believe it. I could barely stop giggling with glee!  We went live with the wizard, discussing the “divine masculine” and The Emperor – Key 4. It was truly magical and we are grateful to have been blessed with the presence of a true wizard.

 Take a listen to our miracle broadcast, courtesy of Sage Lee. We give thanks!

Check out











“Charting Your Course” April 30, 2017 Broadcast- Readers Studio 2017 Review

It’s past 10 p.m. Sunday night, April 30th and  “Charting Your Course” on Revolution Radio has started — without me!   I’m at the airport in Sarasota, Florida, trying if I can make it home for the second hour of the show.  I want to share my “blissed out” energy from Readers Studio on 2017, where I spent four days steeped in tarot and psychology! I wanna share! “Can I make it home by 11 p.m.?”  I wonder?

Laura Lee Solomon, co-host, has covered the first hour with a conversation on the Cube of Space, in preparation for next week’s broadcast on The Emperor. I make it home before 11 p.m., but I can’t find my door keys.  I have to wake up my landlord to get in! Huffing and puffing, I make it in and Laura Lee, connects me into the studio for the second hour.  I’m happy, tired, exhilarated and I start babbling about the Readers Studio. LOL

Here’s the link for the broadcast — can you tell I’m out of breath!?



Attitude of Gratitude for Souls Who Cross Our Path

Each day the rose of our soul unfolds, releasing its mystical celestial fragrance into the universe through our terrestrial experiences. Each person we meet is a rose unfolding in front of our eyes. Often we fail to recognize the divine gifts given to us in human form.

Sometimes the gift is ours for a few hours, sometimes a day, sometimes for years. The amount of time isn’t important.  Our attention is what is important.  For this gift may be gone in the flash of an eye. Sometimes we realize too late, that this blessing of fate, was meant to open a gate to new knowledge, deeper understanding, greater wisdom, helpful healing or simply joy.

Sometimes I cannot close my eyes at night before letting a soul know that I have seen its light, inhaled its fragrance, and been blessed by its very presence.  Don’t take your gift for granted.  Pay attention.  The Universe is always speaking to us in other’s voices — for all souls know the language of the rose.



Textbook for The Mystical Approach to Tarot: A Key To The Wisdom of the Ages

“The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages” is a classic book on the metaphysics of the tarot. This amazing book was written by Paul Foster Case, founder of the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A).

It will serve as our textbook as we delve into the metaphysical mysteries of the tarot. Below is the link for the book.


Many people use the tarot as a toy for telling the future! For the true seeker, it is a tool for self-development. You are magicians in  in the art of manifestation through visualization.

The tarot offers you another window to see into the higher realm to chart your course toward higher states of consciousness.

Don’t dabble! Double down and dive into the depth of these mystical symbols you see on these cards. They are keys to open doors where few may enter.


Charting Your Course with Sarasota Rose

“Ideals are like the stars: we never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea, we chart our course by them.”
***Carl Schurz

Every day when we awake, we set forth on a new course in our life journey. We live and move and have our being in a sea of energy. Each day the waves of live move up forward or backwards, throwing us to and fro, based on the winds of change in our world. In order to develop mastery in steering the ship of our soul successfully in this incarnation, we must learn the laws of navigation, that cause the sun to rise and the moon to shine.

The mission of Sarasota Rose is to provide a “chart room” — a place where you can get out of the winds of change for a while and realign yourself with the divine laws that govern the universe. Then when you return to the deck of your daily life, you will have a clearer destination in mind for your daily sailing — at home, at work, in your community and most importantly in your heart and soul.

I, Francesca Simon aka “Sarasota Rose” would like to share your journey as a compassionate and caring companion, through sharing the lessons I have learned through my own journey over the past six decades. Together we grow. We can not live in a void. It is through inner action and sharing that we move in tune with the song of the spheres. Each of us has experiences to share, questions to ask and answers to contemplate.

As a journalist, I have been asking questions of kings, queens, presidents and what is sometimes called “the common man” — but in truth, we are all equal. Just because someone has a position that puts them in the public eye or if someone has a billion dollars, they are no better than you. I have worked for newspapers, televisions networks, public relations companies,

We all have our unique energy to offer to the world. You have a light within you that can help light the way of someone who is lost, or lonely, or confused, or hurt or afraid. And every day that you breathe life, you have the opportunity to save the world — one person at a time!

Join me and together we will chart our course, through sharing experiences, inspirations, and explorations into the meaning of life. I will begin conducting workshops in the Sarasota area — dates will soon follow. But in the meantime, visit “Charting Your Course” on Facebook
or become a friend on my personal page

Remember, together we grow! Thank you for joining me on my journey!