A Mystical Approach to Tarot

How can we realize our desires? The Magician, known as Key 1 in the tarot deck,  stand beside a table with a wand, a cup, a sword and a coin or pentacle. These are the tools to be used by the Magician to manifest his desires. Everything in our world is composed of the four elements of fire, water, air and earth.  These four elements are represented by the tools on the Magician’s table. But these elements also have mental and emotional aspects as well.

Paul Foster Case, author of “The Tarot: Key to the Wisdom of the Ages” explains that, “In practical, every-day life, the implements of the Magician are the four life-essentials: light (wand), water (cup), air (sword) and food (pentacle). The combination of these life-essentials in proper order and proportions is the task of every practical occultist.” The word “occult” simply means “hidden” — so from a mystical point of view, the occultist is one who seeks to discover the hidden secrets of nature and the invisible worlds.

This workshop focuses on these four tools on the Magician’s table, which represent your human facilities, that can be effectively developed to assist you with discovering and implementing your mission in lifetime. You have abilities and talents, you have yet to discover. Don’t doubt it!

The wand — the fire element — represents our desires.  We must identify what we truly want in this world.  We must select a desire to focus our attention on and then proceed to set this desire on fire with action!  We must be determined “To Will”  ourselves to take action to realize this desire.

The cup —  the water element — represents our emotions, which so often prevents us from even trying to fulfill our desires.  We sometimes feel we’re not smart enough, or talented enough, or  creative enough, or we don’t know enough. And those feelings stop us, before we can even start.  We must be determined “To Know” from the depths of our hearts are we are worthy and blessed by Divinity with gifts we  often, out of fear, fail to acknowledge.

The sword — the air element — represents our thoughts. We must decide “To Dare” — to challenge ourselves to “think” that we can indeed accomplish what may seem momentarily impossible. We must research,  acquire new skills, and make a plan, or in some other way prepare ourselves to chart our course toward our desire.

The pentacle — the earth element — represents our need for what I call “Cosmic Confidence”. We must surrender to the call “To Be Silent” — to “listen” to that still small voice. It  knows all and can provide the direction we so desperately need, when we embark on a daunting adventure. It is in The Silence that secrets are revealed. Observe that The Magician stands in silence, making himself a conduit, calling on that which is above, to bring it down to that which is below.

Unfolding your Rose