Sage Lee Speaks on The Divine Masculine

The political occurrences in our country this week have caused distress for many, as they wonder if our country is going to crumble during this chaotic play with an ensemble of characters quickly coming and going in the White House. I have been reflecting on the idea of the Divine Masculine, as described by  Sage Lee on the “Charting Your Course” broadcast in May, as we discussed “The Emperor” from the major arcana of the tarot deck. He made some very important comments regarding the responsibility of embodying the Divine Masculine in leadership.

The word “emperor” means “he who sets in order” and that is the essential quality of a leader. Where there is a lack of order, progress is impossible.  Lee, in a Facebook Live video, shortly after President Donald Trump was sworn in,  said,  “I’m not wanting to pick on the president.  But he is a good example to see what is actually happening with the masculine, that is not the Divine Masculine.”

When we think of divine, “we think of “god-like” Lee says, “and we all can be god-like. We have imagination.  We can create things. We are the only creatures on the planet that can imagine a future that could be. So we have a great responsibility to the rest of the planet.” The tarot teaches us that the qualities represented by the images on the cards are not based on gender. “The Divine Masculine is actually inside all of us,” Lee says,  “men or women.”

During our study of “The Emperor”  key on “Charting Your Course” — which airs on Sunday nights on Revolution Radio — we noted that the male figure only shows one side of his face. One  eye faces the viewer, but the other eye is not seen. Where is that other eye looking?

“The Emperor is facing sideways … one of his eyes is facing towards the Divine and the other eye is facing toward the world,” Lee explains, in the video below.  “So the way that he makes decisions is that he is constantly in consultation with the Divine, while he is making a decision in the world.”  The idea of turning to a higher power, Lee says, is an act of wisdom. This is something we all need to do, Lee says,  “… base decisions not on ego, but on a consultation with the Divine, and asking yourself “what is for the greatest good for all.”

Stepping into The Divine Feminie

Posted by Sage Lee on Friday, January 20, 2017

In the video Lee  pinpoints other essential qualities of good leadership – –  a sense of sharing, acknowledgment of others’ work,  and respect. He speaks of Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa,  an effective world leader. and how his trials and suffering in prison under an apartheid regime, molded him into a man that commanded respect. “The Divine Masculine bases decisions, not on ego, but on  consultation with The Divine. It means that there is always one eye looking at the bigger picture. ”

Take a listen to the video and find food for thought, and hopefully you will feel  a sense of hope for the future as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine come in to balance, during this age of Aquarius.

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