Your Mystical Guide


Each day we stand between two pillars; on one side we deal with the outside world and on the other side we deal with our inner world.

How do we maintain our balance with the demands of daily obligations pulling us off on a material quest when we know that at the end of the day we are not promised another breath when we close our eyes.

We must strive to set our sights on the middle path that will lead us us to health, harmony, love, and inner peace. This is not an easy task. We must be aware of the need to seek solace within the self — time to listen to that still small voice. Rosicrucians call this “The Master Within” — our divine spark. Listening allows us to recognize our best options during our spiritual quest. This is the way to bring balance to both our inner and outer worlds.

 Every soul is perfect. But it is our soul personality, the part of us that expresses our soul, that needs to learn the lessons on how to become perfect lenses to reflect the light from within the soul.

Do you need a body focused work to bring you balance?
Are you more visually driven and musically inclined?
Do you need intellectual investigation to clarify your desires?
All these questions can be answered through work and worship in mystically oriented workshops.  Let’s work together to unfold the rose of your soul.

Unfolding your Rose