Law of Attraction Technique: Creative Visualization

The book Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain is my “Law of Attraction” bible.  I have worked with this book off and on  for than 35 years, because it is written simply and concisely with easy to follow instructions. It has been translated into more than 30 languages and has sold more than six million copies.

Although many people have read “The Secret” they feel it does not give them practical application information, and so they seek more. It is an answer I wrote on for those in search of a “textbook” in terms of developing their creative visualization skills.

Although its easy to talk about using the law of attraction and creative visualization, the true test is whether or not you get results. This requires hours of practice, persistence and confidence that the law of attraction is a real law and that you can attune with that law to manifest your desires.

Here is one of my favorite manifestation stories from It was the first time, I consciously applied one of the techniques and got results within ten minutes!

I am constantly answering questions on asking me for examples to prove that the law of attractive is true. And no matter how many times I answer those questions, the inquirer will never know until they make the effort to explore and experiment with techniques, so that they can experience truth for themselves.

“Together We Grow”





Secret to Transformation – Key 13

Are you afraid of death? Would you believe me if I told you that you die daily? Death is constantly taking place in your physical body — and yet you continue to live!

“No one really knows the exact number of cells, but we can approximate to about 10-50 trillion. Cells are always created and destroyed in the human body. About 300 million cells die every minute in our bodies! Since different cells have different jobs in our body, there are about 210 different “types” of cells.”

So if you are dying daily, what do you have to be afraid of? You may need to take a new point of view! Let’s look at death as a process of transformation and regeneration.

We’ve only got nine more days to complete our process of regeneration and kick off our major new goal for 2018. What negative aspects of your life need to die away to make room for new opportunities for growth and regeneration?

“Charting your Course” on Sunday, February 11, 2018 from 10 pm to Midnight was on Facebook Live!

Watch this Facebook Live! session of “Charting Your Course” Session, which examines the “Death” tarot key.

Here is the link for the Facebook Live! session from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Charting Your Course February 11, 2018


Here is the link for the second hour session from 11 p.m. to midnight.

Charting Your Course – Second Hour

If you don’t have time to watch, you can listen to the session, which aired on Revolution Radio in Studio B on Sunday, February 11, 2018 from 10 p.m. to midnight.  Go to the archives at


“The Kybalion”

“The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, by Paul Foster Case.”

Learn to Spin the Wheel of Fortune In Your Favor

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just spin a Wheel of Fortune and win the prizes we desire in life — the perfect job, the best relationship, idyllic vacations etc. We all know that life isn’t that easy. But what if I told you there is a way to for you to have a better chance of creating the situations in your life that would work in your favor?

The mystery of the Sphinx, which guards the majestic Pyramids of Giza, holds a secret formula to help us begin to examine our own powers. In order to be co-creators in our lives, we must do at least four things with determination.

1. We must “Know”
2. We must “Dare”
3. We must “Will”
4. We must “Be Silent”

What does this mean? Take a look at the the “Wheel of Fortune” tarot card from the Rider-Waite deck of the BOTA deck and look at the mysterious figures in the four corners of the cards. The symbolism of tarot can provide keys to help you unlock the subconscious mind, which is your doorway to higher levels of consciousness.  Implanting positive images within the subconscious mind  will allow you program your subconscious mind to help you  manifest your desires.

Watch this Facebook Live! session of “Charting Your Course” Session, which examines the “Wheel of Fortune” tarot card.

Here is the link for the Facebook Live! session from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Here is the link for the second hour session from 11 p.m. to midnight.

If you don’t have time to watch, you can listen to the session, which aired on Revolution Radio in Studio B on Sunday, October 15th from 10 p.m. to midnight.  Go to the archives at

Go ahead spin this wheel and see where it leads you in your search for deeper understanding of the laws that govern the universe and our lives.

Inward and Onward


“We’ve been waiting so long, We’ve been waiting for the sun to rise and shine….”

I had church in my home after the eclipse on Monday — with Todd Rundren.  Coming inside, after sitting outside watching the eclipse, I was still reflecting on its symbolical meaning.  How could I maintain positive  thinking  in light of the discouraging shadow covering our country.

“Shining still to give us the will…”

Todd Rundgren, a master musician, innovative producer and musical mystic, has been singing songs of hope since the 1960s.  And the truth of his lyrics ring true now more than ever. Still in a state of deep reflection, I turned on Todd tunes on Roku and settled in to do some writing.  His music soothes me.

“Can you hear me, the sound of my voice?”

But as soon as I heard his voice singing “Just One Victory” the tears began to fill my eyes and emotions choked in my throat.  I had watched the shadow of the moon momentarily cover the Sun, only partially in Sarasota, Florida, where I live.  And I was still remembering the progressing of the Moon’s passing until it was only a tiny spot on a corner of the Sun.

“I am here to tell you I have made my choice….”

I had made a decision in my morning meditation, that I would no longer refer to President Donald Trump as #45 or in any other way dehumanize or deny his humanity.  He too has a hole where he keeps his soul.  And from now on that is where I will focus my attention as I pray that he will awaken and get in touch with what Rosicrucians call the “Master Within” — that divine spark that resides within every human heart.  As Todd sings, “How can I change the world when I can’t change myself. Try again tomorrow.”  I played “Just One Victory” — again.

“I’ve been listening to what’s been going down”

The past ten days have been a painful reminder for me of the segregation that I experienced as a young girl in Bowling Green, Kentucky in the 1950s, when I legally could not attend the brand new school  across the street from my house.  My grandmother, a cleaning woman,  did not own a car, so I walked the three or four miles to school — actually crawled and walked.  I lived near a railroad track and so when the stock cars were on the tracks, I would have to crawl under the trains to get to school or on the way back from school. I can still recall the smell of tobacco leaves, as a passed a warehouse on my journey.  My grandmother, Mamma Maude, smoked a corncob pipe, so I could sometimes pick up a leaf or two been dropped on street.

Oh, by the way, Parker Bennett School was about 0.2 miles from our house on 511 Ida Street — no indoor plumbing, no running water, wood burning stoves supplied by “wood chopping” Francesca.  I recalled the memory of being cold and having to break the ice in the bowl of water to wash my face each morning, before I began building the fire for the pot-bellied stove in the living room. The tears began flowing.  Played “Just One Victory” — again.

You may think that I’m a fool, but I know the answer. Take the golden rule, as the best example. Eyes that have seen will know what I mean…”

Dr. Martin Luther King said that love was the answer.  I believed him. And yes, I still believe him.  Religiously raised at New Bethel Baptist Church in Bowling Green and singing in the choir from the age of seven, the power of Love was instilled in me from fiery sermons in the pulpit. And I can still hear those  gospel hymns in my head. Those  words of love  were a comfort in a segregated southern town, where I could only sit in the balcony section, when I had the rare blessing  to go to a movie.

“Words become a tool, anyone can use them…”

Here it is over 50 years later — yes, I’m 65-years-old — and it appears that I have stepped back into a time warp, where the word “nigger” is being hurled as an insult — again.   I can’t stand the sound of that word — I heard it too much as a child! I hate hearing it in rap songs, because I know its true root.  And I know the hurt and humiliation that comes with that word being spat upon you. Tears were flowing faster so I played  “Just One Victory” — again.

“We’ve been so downhearted, we’ve been so forlorn”

When I heard the news of the Charlottesville protest war it made my heart hurt.  Had I woke up in a daylight nightmare? Could this still be happening.  Like so many I felt so downhearted and forlorn.  But I knew I had to snap out of it! But what could I do!?  Hadn’t I fought hard enough though prejudice in the 70s, 80s and 90s and into the 21st century?

And yet I was still battling it in Sarasota, Florida, when my arrival in a restaurant would send a manager scurrying to see what I wanted. Just a few months ago, I sat down at an outside table on Main Street at a restaurant. “Are you going to eat?,” the waitress demanded.  My hair slicked back in a bun, I had on makeup, but I wasn’t wearing my pearls — that was my mistake.  “Why would I be sitting here if I wasn’t going to eat,” I said in a puzzled voice, that was just loud enough for a few people sitting close by to hear me.

I had already gone to the trouble of going to the host to inform him that I wanted to sit outside. He had told me I could sit anywhere.  But when the waitress arrived, I guess she had decided that I must have been wandering around and decided to take a rest.  Once I asked the  for the wine list, and proceeded to question her on which cabernet sauvignon was more “fruit forward” and whether a particular riesling was “dry” her tone changed.  Since she didn’t understand my question, upon her return with answers from the bartender, she was my best friend.  I was crying out loud by now. Played  “Just One Victory” — again.

“Prayin’ for it all day and fightin’ for it all night

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, Francesca. The struggle is real — the world is in transition to a new level of consciousness — inspite of the current dark shadow. From a mystical point of view, I know it is only a cycle — history repeating itself. Still got to keep prayin’ and fightin’ — I tried to walk off the tears, but the faucet was on full force.  So I just sat down with my head in my hands and sobbed. I played “Just One Victory” –again.  Tears, tears, tears, flowing. Sobs, loud and broken. Then I looked up, swiping away tears, and I saw Todd’s smiling face.  He was only 30-year-old back in 1978 when he was singing that song.  He had witnessed America’s race riots, he knew the state of the country then and now.  That’s why he had been inspired to write these timeless songs.  I smiled. Played “Just One Victory” — again.

“Give us just one victory, it will be all right”

Then it dawned on me that Todd must be tired too.  Yet he is still touring, teaching at schools, and still working in his own melodic way to bring the change he has been singing about for over 50 years.  And he is still wearing that same smile.  When I was blessed to met him this past May in Tampa, Florida, during the White Knight Tour, an aura of compassion, patience, love and hope enveloped me, in his embrace.

You can feel it when you’re in his presence and he is still smiling. Thanks for the reminder Todd Rundgren — I have the will! God bless you for your dedicated service to humanity. We are grateful and hopeful! Onward and Upwards! xoxoxo



Sage Lee Speaks on The Divine Masculine

The political occurrences in our country this week have caused distress for many, as they wonder if our country is going to crumble during this chaotic play with an ensemble of characters quickly coming and going in the White House. I have been reflecting on the idea of the Divine Masculine, as described by  Sage Lee on the “Charting Your Course” broadcast in May, as we discussed “The Emperor” from the major arcana of the tarot deck. He made some very important comments regarding the responsibility of embodying the Divine Masculine in leadership.

The word “emperor” means “he who sets in order” and that is the essential quality of a leader. Where there is a lack of order, progress is impossible.  Lee, in a Facebook Live video, shortly after President Donald Trump was sworn in,  said,  “I’m not wanting to pick on the president.  But he is a good example to see what is actually happening with the masculine, that is not the Divine Masculine.”

When we think of divine, “we think of “god-like” Lee says, “and we all can be god-like. We have imagination.  We can create things. We are the only creatures on the planet that can imagine a future that could be. So we have a great responsibility to the rest of the planet.” The tarot teaches us that the qualities represented by the images on the cards are not based on gender. “The Divine Masculine is actually inside all of us,” Lee says,  “men or women.”

During our study of “The Emperor”  key on “Charting Your Course” — which airs on Sunday nights on Revolution Radio — we noted that the male figure only shows one side of his face. One  eye faces the viewer, but the other eye is not seen. Where is that other eye looking?

“The Emperor is facing sideways … one of his eyes is facing towards the Divine and the other eye is facing toward the world,” Lee explains, in the video below.  “So the way that he makes decisions is that he is constantly in consultation with the Divine, while he is making a decision in the world.”  The idea of turning to a higher power, Lee says, is an act of wisdom. This is something we all need to do, Lee says,  “… base decisions not on ego, but on a consultation with the Divine, and asking yourself “what is for the greatest good for all.”

Stepping into The Divine Feminie

Posted by Sage Lee on Friday, January 20, 2017

In the video Lee  pinpoints other essential qualities of good leadership – –  a sense of sharing, acknowledgment of others’ work,  and respect. He speaks of Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa,  an effective world leader. and how his trials and suffering in prison under an apartheid regime, molded him into a man that commanded respect. “The Divine Masculine bases decisions, not on ego, but on  consultation with The Divine. It means that there is always one eye looking at the bigger picture. ”

Take a listen to the video and find food for thought, and hopefully you will feel  a sense of hope for the future as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine come in to balance, during this age of Aquarius.

To obtain the Sage Lee Tarot Deck visit The School for Wizards — a training company devoted to helping entrepreneurs apply universal laws to create successful businesses.



TEN MINUTE TAROT TIP: Strength – Key 8

Realizing our desires takes discipline, determination and decisiveness.  Talk is truly cheap! In this  short Facebook Live video  you may discover some inspiration that reveals how symbolism can assist you in making valuable contributions to our subconscious mind. Using visual images for meditation can help  create a stronger connection with the superconscious or Divine Mind.

Each tarot key has an astrological attribution.  “Strength” Key 8 is the zodiac sign Leo. This  is my personal card, that I reflect on regularly, since my birthday is July 30, 1952. But  Key 8 can provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between the self-conscious and subconscious mind.

Our desires can be like wild beasts, running wild in our mind, without any restraint or direction.  As we learn to direct that energy of the desire beast, you can then harness its power for our benefit. Take a listen and leave me some comments.  I love feedback!

10 minute of Tarot tips on Key 8 the Strength key!

Posted by Francesca Simon on Thursday, August 17, 2017

Direct Your Desires With “Strength” – Key 8

How can we realize our desires? This was the focus for  the  “Ten Minute Tarot”  Facebook Live session on Thursday, August 17, at 9:15 p.m.  The session served as preparation for this  Sunday’s broadcast of “Charting Your Course” on Revolution Radio at

Strength – Key 8, which will be discussed on Sunday’s broadcast,   provides a secret to success in our endeavors.   Paul Foster Case in “The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages”  suggests that we must decide “(1) TO WILL; (2) TO KNOW ; (3) TO DARE; (4) TO BE SILENT.  But what exactly does that mean? This statement has also been associated with the Sphinx which sits on the plaza of the Pyramids of Giza.

If we compare similarities between Strength-Key 8 and the Magician-Key 1, we can begin to decipher this secret.  Red — the color of desire — is predominant  in both keys.  The Magician wears a red cloak over a white tunic in Key 1, while The Lion is red in Key 8 —  In Key 8 the woman in white — which represents purity — directs the mouth of The Lion, indicating we must direct our desires.

In  Key 1 we see The Magician standing beside a table with a wand, a cup, a sword and a coin or pentacle. These are the tools to be used by the Magician to manifest his desires. Everything in our world is composed of the four elements of fire, water, air and earth.  In tarot these four elements are represented by the tools on the Magician’s table.

Case explains that, “In practical, every-day life, the implements of the Magi- cian are the four life-essentials: light (wand), water (cup), air (sword) and food (pentacle). The combination of these life-essentials in proper order and proportions is the task of every practical occultist. ”  [Please note that the word “occult” simply means “hidden” — so from a mystical point of view, the occultist is one who seeks to discover the hidden secrets of nature and the invisible worlds.

These four tools on the Magician’s table, also represent your human facilities, that can be effectively developed to assist you with discovering and implementing your mission in lifetime. You have abilities and talents, you have yet to discover. Don’t doubt it!

The wand — the fire element — represents our desires.  We must identify what we truly want in this world.  We must select a desire to focus our attention on and then proceed to set this desire on fire with action!  We must be determined “To Will”  ourselves to take action to realize this desire.

The cup —  the water element — represents our emotions, which so often prevents us from even trying to fulfill our desires.  We sometimes feel we’re not smart enough, or talented enough, or  creative enough, or we don’t know enough. And those feelings stop us, before we can even start.  We must be determined “To Know” from the depths of our hearts are we are worthy and blessed by Divinity with gifts we  often, out of fear, fail to acknowledge.

The sword — the air element — represents our thoughts. We must decide “To Dare” — to challenge ourselves to “think” that we can indeed accomplish what may seem momentarily impossible. We must research,  acquire new skills, and make a plan, or in some other way prepare ourselves to chart our course toward our desire.

The pentacle — the earth element — represents our need for what I call “Cosmic Confidence”. We must surrender to the call “To Be Silent” — to “listen” to that still small voice. It  knows all and can provide the direction we so desperately need, when we embark on a daunting adventure. It is in The Silence that secrets are revealed. Observe that The Magician stands in silence, making himself a conduit, calling on that which is above, to bring it down to that which is below.

Experiment this formula:

TO WILL: Fire up your desire! Seek out what, who and where you find inspiration.  That should help you begin to identify what you truly love in life and guide you closer to how you can identify the channel through which you can express that desire.

TO KNOW: Reflect upon your true feeling, so you “know” where you stand within your own emotional domain.

TO DARE:  Dare yourself to dream, to give yourself permission to go where you have never gone before in your heart, mind and spirit.

TO BE SILENT: Seek wisdom in The Silence.  Schedule time to “date” Divinity — to spend quality time with the one who gives you magic and motion.  It can be through prayer, through song, through journaling, through dancing, studying scriptures or simply by taking a meditative walk through nature.

This mystical approach to tarot, allows you to chart our course, to determine our own destiny, based on our astrological blueprint.  Each key in the 22 keys of the Major Arcana (the first  22 cards out of the 78 card deck) is assigned an astrological sign.  The Strength card is designated for Leo, which applies to those born July 21 – August 21.  President Barack Obama was a Leo — clearly a communicator manifesting that talent both in speaking and writing.

Many people feel that they come into this life with no talent or special gifts, as if they’re just thrown off a cliff with no support.  But in truth, we all come here equipped with possibilities. In the Rosicrucian Ontology, an approach to the study of existence, the soul does not enter until  the first breath is taken and Man becomes a living soul. We come down into the Earth Plane of existence, bringing with us our past life experiences. And we know before we get here, but then spend the rest of our lives trying to remember what we signed on to be doing.

The Sage Tarot Deck , created by artist and tarot reader Sage Lee, a Readers Studio  Alumnus, shows the Fool descending confidently from heights above with his gaze locked on a target.  It is an image that may resonate with many of us, contemplating the process of coming to the Earth with a mission.  We are born carrying with us tools to work with.  A white rose, representing purified desires, floats beside the falling, yet confident, Fool. And the briefcase with the Eye of Ra emblazoned upon it, represents the sum total of experiences from  past lives.  The hour and geographical location of our birth, serves as our portal of entry, shaping our personality, talents, strengths and weaknesses.

This is the reason astrology has always been studied by those aspirants seeking to explore the sacred mysteries.  And any adult, can look at their blueprint and ascertain the presence of truth in their astrological profile.

If you’ve never had your chart done by an astrologer, you can get a free one at Cafe Astrology, which provides a very detailed analysis, which could offer you some powerful insight. It is, in a sense, our instruction manual that can assist us in effectively and efficiently living our lives.  Once we become aware of our strengths and weaknesses, then we can better navigate around  dangerous areas and shore up our weak spots, thus charting a more successful course.

Tune in to my Facebook Live  on Friday, August 18 at 9:15 p.m. (Eastern Time), for a discussion on how to further refine realizing your desires, utilizing the Tree of Life as a chart to help guide you through your adventure of defining,  refining and your fulfilling your desires.

The Tree of Life is a blueprint of the process of creation.  And we can use that same blueprint in the process of creating the life we desire. Don’t forget to tune in this Friday, August 18th at 9: 15 p.m., Eastern Time, on my Facebook Live .




Tarot Talk: Jason Lotterhand with Thursday Night Tarot

Thursday Night Tarot is a book  every  serious tarot student or Qabalah initiate, should have in their library.  It is a collection of talks, directed by Jason C. Lotterhand,  an Initiate of the mystery school Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A).  The book serves as one of our textbooks for “Charting Your Course” — an internet radio, which explores esoteric knowledge of astrology, numerlogy, qabalah, sound, color and mysticism.  The show airs on Revolution Radio in Studio B on Sunday nights from  10 pm to Midnight on Revolution Radio at   

Since we are currently exploring the tarot Lotterhand’s book is a perfect resource.  Lotterhand  was a member of B.O.T.A., founded in the 1920s by Paul Foster Case.

Builders of the Adytum explains its purpose on its website:  “Adytum is the Greek word for Inner Shrine or Holy of Holies. Like Jesus, who many believe was trained in Qabalah, members of the Order aspire to build the Inner Temple, to construct the Holy of Holies within. People of all faiths are welcome to study the teachings of this Order. B.O.T.A. recognizes Qabalah as the root of Judaism and Christianity. Its ultimate purpose is to hasten the true Brotherhood of mankind and to make manifest the truth that love is the only real power in the universe.”

Don’t be concerned about the difference in the spelling  — cabala or qabalah — the truth is the same.  “The Cabala states that nothing exists outside The One Divine Being, The One Self of the universe, Lotterhand says.  “We are part of that, even if we are totally ignorant of our relationship with it.

“Insofar as we become acquainted with this truth about ourselves, says Lotterhand (photo above), “we come to realize the Divine Presence in our lives…. All our studies and all our meditations bring us to a clearer vision of the Divine Self, whose creations we are. Once we are established in this awareness, we can proceed along our own individual paths of purpose and expression. Freed from delusions concerning what life is about, we can concentrate our efforts on being our own true selves-successful members of the Divine Plan.”

 Join us tonight as we discuss

“The Chariot” Key 7

The Kybalion: Universal Laws Unveiled for the Serious Soul Seeker

The Kybalion is a must read for any serious mystical seeker, for within its pages are the essential essence of the laws of the universe.  Whether you are discussing science, metaphysics, philosophy, qabalah or the baking of blueberry muffins, this tiny book will give you a beginning point for your journey into the unknown.

There are those who say that the mysteries of the universe are unknowable.  But I contend that serious seekers, can study, experiment, explore and prove for themselves if these laws truly exist and can be applied for life on earth.  This is the basis premise for Initiates of The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.  Famous minds like Sir Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Sir Francis Bacon and Leonardo da Vinci, studied these laws and uncovered secrets that assisted them in helping humanity evolve through a better understanding of the laws that govern the universe.

I’ve been contemplating a question on Quora that someone has requested that I answer.  And I keep coming back to The Kybalion, and trying to grasp the right words to convey the fact that Love is a Law. The entire Cosmos operates according to the Law of Love. Creation came into being because of the Law of Love.

So I still in stilliness, I  listen, then write, then read, then walk around, drink tea, listen to a Todd Rundgren song running through the river of my soul, while I wait for the spiritual signal. It is the moment when I know that my soul has helped me contacted the right realm of thought to be mated to my personal passion. This  will assist me in answering the question on Quora with the truest expression of my limited but sincere understanding.

There is a “Metaphysical Meeting” going on between my mind, my heart, my soul and  the laws.  And when the dance is done, I  will be “mated” to “the one who gives me motion and magic.”



Unfolding your Rose